I'm Going to Miss Paul Newman

September 28, 2008

I first heard that Paul Newman was very ill a few months ago, while standing in line at the supermarket, catching up on Hollywood by scanning the headlines of the tabloids.  Most of it, as always. was trivial gossip.  Then I saw the blurry picture of Newman, with the first clues that an inspiring and wonderful man of our times was nearing the end of his life.   I decided to watch some of his greatest movies, kind of in tribute to him.  So, I went to my blockbuster online account and ordered Cool Hand Luke.  That was sometime late in June.  Everytime I checked my que, wondering where that movie was, I got some kind of message about it being backordered.  It finally arrived.  Yesterday.  The same day that Paul Newman died.  It felt like a little "good bye" to one of his long-time (and many) secret admirers.  All I can do to honor him is to sit down and watch the movie, and share the wonderful obit the New York Times did about his remarkable and honorable life.  Here's the link. 

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