Interview with Dr. Judy Rosener, National Expert on Gender and Leadership

April 3, 2009

Why This Crisis is Good for America is the title of a fascinating article in this week's Time magazine.  Written by author Kurt Anderson, the article makes the point that we've arrived at ". . . a spectacular moment of global consciousness."    Anderson goes on to say, "... this is the moment for business to think different and think big." In other words, never waste a good crisis.

That's one of the many reasons why I believe that women are on the verge of another tremendous surge forward:  this time into leadership positions.  Not only is there a critical mass of women achievers in the U.S. workforce today, there seems to be growing willingness to consider that perhaps we might not have gotten into quite the mess wer'e in if we hadn't left nearly all of the major decision making in the hands of only half of the human brainpower.   Now that women are close to 51% of the workforce (81% of the layoffs have impacted men) and have been earning more college degrees than men for two decades, the next frontier is for a critical mass of women to move into leadership roles -- in ever professional sector.   Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Judy Rosener (pictured here), a nationally recognized expert on gender and women's leadership.  She's the author of several books, including:  America's Competitive Secret: Women Managers.  Her Harvard Business Review article, "Ways Women Lead" is a classic.  Click here for Dr. Rosener's most recent thoughts on how greater numbers of women can begin to "power up" to leadership.       

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