The Taliban Aren't the Only Threats to Women's Human Rights

April 8, 2009

The public flogging of a teenage girl in Pakistan by the Taliban and a new lAfghan aw that gives Shiite men the right to rape their wives have triggered International outrage and brought the issue of the growing attacks on women's human rights to public consciousness once again.  But it's not just Afghanistan and Pakistan where women continue to be second class citizens.  It is EVERY SINGLE NATION IN THE WORLD, including the United States.  

According to the Global Gender Gap Report, published annually by the World Economic Forum, the United States is ranked a disturbing 27th in the world for women's gender equity.  The Nordic countries, Norway (1), Finland (2), Sweden (3) and Iceland (4) have closed 80% of the gaps between men and women's equality in their countries, but still have a ways to go.  The report is fascinating reading and provides insight on why the U.S. is ranked so low.

Here in the U.S., a woman's human right to make decisions about her own body, particularly related to reproduction, remains very fragile and under constant attack.  This morning, I discovered a fantastic interview on this topic -- with two internationally recognized women leaders, advocates and authors.  Dr. Riane Eisler, author of the classic, The Chalice and the Blade, talks with Gloria Feldt, the long-time CEO of Planned Parenthood and author of Send Yourself Roses, with actress Kathleen Turner.   The interview was done before the 2008 presidential election, but the messages are as relevant and urgent as ever. 

Click here to listen. 


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