"Automotive News: 100 Leading Women In the North American Auto Industry"

Automotive News, Sept. 11, 2000

Mom had it right

“In the past quarter century, there have been some real improvements in the role of women in this industry.  Happily, the biggest problem Automotive News had in selected 100 leading women was to limit it to 100.  Let’s hope the progress speeds up and that this will be the only time when we have to single out women and their accomplishments.”  Keith Crain, Publisher and Editorial Director, Automotive News

Talent is being recognized, rewarded

“The auto industry’s proverbial glass ceiling has not yet been shattered.  Now as ever, men hold nearly all the highest ranking jobs.  Corporate boards remain male dominated.  A woman presiding over a major automaker still seems as distant as a woman in the Oval Office.

"But social and economic changes in the past quarter century that transformed women’s roles at home and at work did not bypass the auto industry.  Not only have women made it into the executive ranks; they are excelling there, and the opportunities are expected to expand.
" Staff writer, Susan Carney

Anne Doyle's Profile

Title: Communications Director, North American Operations
Company: Ford Motor Co.
Age: 52
Education: B.A., Spanish, University of Michigan
Graduate work in Television, News, Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University

First Automotive Job:
Assistant Manager, Broadcast News, Ford Public Affairs, 1987

On being successful:
“The auto industry asks so much of you. To be successful and perform at the intensity and speed of this business over the long run require high energy, joy in your work and balance in your life.”

On being a women in the industry:
“I think my experience as a woman covering sports in the early ‘80’s prepared me well for working in the auto industry.  You have to be very comfortable in a man’s world and willing to take the heat of being highly visible and a change agent.  The increasing diversity of Ford Motor Co.’s leadership team is one of our strengths, and women with strong and insightful voices are definitely being heard.”

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