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POWERING UP! is a cross-generational, cross-cultural conversation about leadership, power, gender and social justice. Now in its third season, POWERING UP! is hosted by creator Anne Doyle and new co-host Dana Harvey. Listen here to the newest episodes and conversations from all three seasons. Or, subscribe to POWERING UP! wherever you get your podcasts.

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Barbara Hackman Franklin: Gender Trailblazer, Nixon White House to Global Boardrooms

November 16, 2020

The Gender Revolution has been called one of "the most profound social changes America has ever experienced." Although there is still plenty of unfinished business, it is important to review and celebrate the decades of work already done. Barbara Hackman Franklin has been on the front lines of women's progress for over 50 years.  From opening doors for women in the Nixon White House and global board rooms to being named by Time Magazine as one of the "50 American Women Who Made Political History, she is not only "one of the first" in many arenas, her legacy, told in the book, A Matter of Simple Justice," includes lifting others as she climbed. 

WNBA Athletes Raise Their Voices & Their Game

November 9, 2020

Women's basketball, led by the WNBA, powerhouse college programs and star supporters, is building momentum. The athletes are taller, faster, stronger and highly-skilled, with a growing fan base.   Something else is changing, too.  Similar to USA Women's Hockey and the USA Women's' Soccer team, WNBA players are beginning to flex their collecttive power to address gender inequities and social issues. The WNBA Players Association dedicated their 2020 season to the Black Lives Matter movement, but that was just the beginning of their collective activism in the wake of multiple deaths of African Americans at the hands of police and a presidential battle for the soul of America. Elizabeth Williams of the Atlanta Dream and Natalie Achonwa of the Indiana Fever share what they've learned about leadership, using your power and never settling! 

Sarey Ruden: Rebelling Against Male Toxicity on Dating Apps

November 2, 2020

Sarey Ruden, fed up with the vulgar, mean and often threatening responses she has received from men on dating apps, finally had enough. The Detroit-based graphic designer used her skill (and sense of humor!) to turn online harassment into compelling art. In the process, she created a growing movement of women rebelling against this new form of toxic sexual harassment. She also discovered that online platforms find women who complain more problematic then misbehaving men! You'll love the "good trouble" this "dating disruptor" is stirring up with her Sarey Tales and Tedx talk. 

Seasons 1 & 2 with Monica Doyle

Anne and Monica Doyle in the Motor City Woman recording studio

In Seasons 1 & 2 of POWERING UP! with Anne Doyle, Anne and her niece, Monica Doyle, explore women and power – what it looks like, why it's important and what we can all do to claim our power – individually and collectively. Listen to any of these great episodes below.

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