Anti-Asian American Racism and Violence

Anti-Asian American Racism and Violence

July 6, 2021

Bias, discrimination and racism against Asian Americans have increased dramatically. Over 3,800 incidents of hate-related incidents have been reported during the COVID pandemic, including a vicious attack in NY''s Times Square against a 65-year-old Filipino woman on her way to church. Joining us to talk about the depth of the problem are Liz Kari, daughter of the woman whose hate crime was witnessed by millions on social media, and founder of AAP I Belong.  Also, Thear Sy Suzuki, a child survivor of Cambodian genocide who has risen to become a respected Dallas leader and featured in former President George W. Bush's new book, OUT OF MANY, ONE: Portraits of America's Immigrants. Both advocate for fewer bystanders and more Upstanders against all racism. 

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