The Positive Side of Women's Soccer

The Positive Side of Women's Soccer

October 3, 2022

A major scandal has just erupted in women's soccer, one of the world's fastest growing sports. An in-depth, independent investigation of the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) found extensive emotional abuse and sexual misconduct by coaches. "Abuse in the NWSL is rooted in a deeper culture in women's soccer, beginning in youth leagues, that normalizes verbally abusive coaching and blurs boundaries between coaches and players," wrote former acting U.S. Attorney General Sally Q. Yates in her scathing report. The report is deeply disturbing and hopefully will trigger significant change urgently needed to protect female soccer players from abusers and predators.

In the meantime, the sport and fan base continue to grow, as evidenced by the Corktown Women's Football Club, Detroit's first women's professional soccer team, preparing to kick off its inaugural season in May 2023. I talk with Owner and Coach Aaron Roy and Center/Midfielder Lauren Bos. 

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