THE "Girl Effect" & the Global Fight to Educate Females

THE "Girl Effect" & the Global Fight to Educate Females

June 25, 2019

Education is transformational, with the power to break cycles of poverty, child marriage and violence. The "Girl Effect" is particularly powerful because it extends the benefits to families and communities more than when only boys are educated. Yet 130 million girls around the world are not in school because of poverty, custom or conflict. In places like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria, girls school are under attack. Anne talks with Totsie Memela of South Africa and Shamim Jaward of Afghanistan -- two leaders on the front lines of the fight to changes ideas, cultures and policies about why educating girls lifts the entire human family.  Their conversation was recorded in Barcelona, Spain at the Spring 2019 Cornerstone Conference of the prestigious International Women's Forum. 

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