Women in Law Enforcement.

Women in Law Enforcement.

December 16, 2018

In the late 1970's, less than 2% of police officers in the USA were women. Today, nearly five decades later, those numbers have grown -- but not enough. Only 13% of police officers in this country are now women. Why so few? You might find clues in a new book, "Thriving in an All-Boys Club: Female Police and Their Fight for Equality." Anne talks with three generations of women police officers who acknowledge the challenges of the career, but also believe that women bring valuable skills to the field. And their advice to women considering a career in law enforcement is unanimous:"Go for it!" Guests: Recently retired Auburn Hills, MI Police Chief Doreen Olko, one of the longest serving female chiefs in the U.S., Lashinda Stair, 1st Assistant Chief of Police, City of Detroit; and Officer A'shya Watkins, who is just beginning her law enforcement career.

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