Healing from Sexual Assault; There is No Time Limit

Healing from Sexual Assault; There is No Time Limit

August 30, 2021

The crisis of sexual assault is not limited to USA gymnastics. One in six women and one in 30 men experience sexual assault in their lifetimes. Nor is it new; it has been going on for centuries. And the trauma of sexual assault, often committed by someone the victim knew, scars a human spirit for decades. Guests Trinea Gonczar, a former gymnast who was "treated" for years by imprisoned predator Dr. Larry Nasser, and Kimberly Hurst, Founder and Executive Director of the Avalon Healing Center, are courageous advocates for victims and "sister survivor" experts in what it takes for suffering individuals to truly heal and the leadership required, as demonstrated recently by Simon Biles, for complacent cultural attitudes to change. 



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