1,000 Toys Silently Proclaim, "Remember the Children!"

1,000 Toys Silently Proclaim, "Remember the Children!"

June 17, 2019

At least three thousand young children have been separated from their refugee parents, seeking asylum in the U.S. They have been held in cages, shipped to foster care all over the country, some have been sexually assaulated, and several have died. Can you imagine having your baby or very young child pulled from your arms, perhaps never to see them again? Determined that these children must not be forgotten, Michiganders Elaine Roseborough and Laurie Lisi tied 1,000 teddy bears, dolls and toys to stakes and displayed them along a busy, Detroit-area highway as powerful reminders of the several thousand missing migrant children. Leaders take action and inspire others to find the courage to act, as well.  For information on how to follow their lead, indivisiblefighting9.com or Facebook @Fighting9.  How about you? 



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