Does Detroit "Deserve" a Federal Bailout?

November 14, 2008

Many of you know that I worked in the automotive industry, for Ford Motor Company, for 13 years.  My brother, Vince, has been in the industry for over two decades. The American automakers, GM, Chrysler and Ford Motor Company, are on the verge of collapse.  GM is just months away from bankruptcy.  Currently, they are appealing to the federal government for a "Loan" to get through the current crisis.   I cannot improve on the words of my brother on this dire situation, so I share them here:

Dear Friends,

Most Americans don't appreciate what an amazing technological and industrial resource the American Automobile industry is. Most only know about a car, a dealer, or a manufacturer that failed them personally and so forevermore they deserve to suffer and fail.

That spiteful view diminishes the importance of an industry that represents one of humankind's noblest endeavors and a vital American industry that today is on the brink of collapse.

I strongly believe that the loan the automakers are requesting it is in the interest of the Nation, to assist the car companies in this time of crisis. I could go on and on about why. But that may come across of self serving and argumentative.  

For those of you who don't live in Michigan or aren't directly dependent on the domestic auto industry. I am asking that you take my word for it, and support the government loan currently being considered.   

What's in it for you?

If the automobile industry fails (and it is now on the precipice of collapse) we're all screwed. Me, you and America in general.

Now the global financial crisis may have already written our economic epitaph and this loan may not actually save American industry, but I am convinced that without it America's way of life will change immediately and I think irreversibly.

If you disagree, do nothing. (And pray that you are right.)

If you think there is any measure of truth in this, please contact me and I can give you more of my rationale.

If you agree, then it is incumbent upon you (as it is me) to persuade your friends, family and countrymen to support vital American industries like automotive with financial liquidity to help bridge the economic chasm before us.
 Below are some links sent to me by others to register your point of view with your U.S. Representative. Please help now.

Please contact your U.S. House of Representatives member and U.S. Senators and ask them to support the proposed bridge loan to help the U.S. auto industry weather this economic environment.

The following websites provide all of the information you and your employees need to either call or email your U.S.Representative and Senators:To call your elected officials, please go to To send an email please go to


Vince Doyle


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