Detroit Message to Kwame Kilpatrick: Keep Walking

September 8, 2008

My hometown of Detroit breathed a collective sight of relief just a few days ago when Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, who brought  sex scandals, perjury, cronyism and unbridled arrogance to his position, while making Detroit the lauging stock of the country, was finally forced from his throne last week.  He pled guilty to two felonies, resigned from office, lost his law license, will go to jail for 120 days, may not run for office for five years and must re-pay $1 million to the city.  But he showed his true colors during his resignation speech.  Instead of an apolog and remorse, we got more of the same as he bragged about his accomplishments, blamed others for his troubles and vowed:  "I want to tell you, Detroit, that you done set me up for a comeback."

Really?  Only in his wildest fantasies. 

There are thousands of people and reasons that give me hope that Detroit will rise again to become the great city she once was.  One of the those reasons is Mitch Albom, columnist with the Detroit Free Press and author of Tuesdays with Morrie.  We are lucky to have his insight and commentary on life in the Motor City. His message to the former "hip-hop" Mayor:  "Keep Walking Kwame."For a compelling sense of what the madness that has gripped Detroit over the last year was all about -- and another example of how destructive power can be in the wrong hands --  Here's his column

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