Candidates Fiddle While Rome Burns

September 23, 2008

I stole the title of this blog post from Rochelle Riley, one of the many terrific columnists we are lucky enough to have in the Detroit newspaper market.  She makes a great point about the first presidential debate, which is scheduled for this Friday between Senators Barack Obama and John McCain.  Why, when Wall Street and our economy are in a meltdown and Congress has a gun held to its head for a $700 Billion dollar welfare bailout for Wall Street, is the topic of the first debate Foreign Policy?  The answer?   That is what was negotiated between the two political camps because it is Senator McCain's strong suit.

I'm so tired of all the games.  When are we going to see clear plans for beginning to save our ship of state that is heading directly for the rocks?  Click here to read Riley's excellent column.    


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