Shedding our Fear

October 29, 2008

Because I try to keep an open mind, I have been bombarded recently with emails and links to political content, opinions and plenty of steaming, hot air.  I read at least the first few paragraphs of everything.  As one of 7 children in an Irish household where debate was the main course on the dinner table every night, I'm all for a good, fair fight.  But I'm disturbed by the amount of fear mongering that is a common theme running through so much of the information being sent to me by people whose opinions I usually respect. 

 Wasn't it Churchill who told the free world, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."?  Four years ago, Americans allowed fear to drive our decisions.  I believe we've learned a lot from that experience and matured as a nation.  However we, as a people, vote next Tuesday, I hope that it will be a vote of conviction and not another fear-driven reaction either toward or away from the leaders we are about to entrust to guide us forward through, perhaps, the most perilous and complex times of my life.



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