The Auto Industry Crisis: Why It's Not Just Detroit's Problem

December 5, 2008

I am a Michigander, a former Ford Motor Company communications executive and think of myself as a Detroiter, although I have lived all over our great country and overseas.   Here in Michigan, we are stunned by the misunderstanding in Congress and by so many Americans about how intertwined the American auto industry is into the economic fabric of every state in the U.S.  I strongly support the request by Ford, GM and Chrysler for a federal loan to get our U.S. automakers through the crisis that has been pushed to the edge of the cliff by the national meltdown of our economy.

The Detroit Free Press has covered the auto industry for over 100 years, since it's very beginning.  They understand, better than any journalists, TV commentators or member of Congress the facts behind the present crisis.   Here is the link to the front page of the Motor City's hometown paper, which was on the desk of very member of Congress this morning.   I hope you'll take 2 minutes to read it, for a little more insight into why the automotive crisis isn't just Detroit's problem.  It is yet another defining moment for America.   

And, if you are interested in more background, here is fresh perspective from Ford.   

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