Women Auto Industry Executives Gave Early Warning Signals

December 9, 2008

Two years ago, I wrote a piece for Automotive News, which knows more about the auto industry than anyone, particularly Congress, on the startling drain of high level women who were abandoning Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler for greener professional pastures. 

Those women executives (and I was one of them) were like canaries singing in the coal mine.  No one listened nor paid much attention as they flew away rather than suffocate in those insulated, old-economy, good-old-boy cultures.   Although I support the loans to keep the companies from tipping over the precipice, I'm also an advocate of not wasting this moment of crisis.  The time for dramatic change was long ago.  Congress is right to hold the companies' feet to the fire. 

To read the Automotive News story on why so many top women leaders abandoned the auto companies click here.  

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