Something to Smile About on a Discouraging Day in Detroit

December 12, 2008

Last night the U.S. Senate refused to throw a life preserver to the U.S. auto industry as it struggles to survive, in the wake of the  national credit crisis combined with our collapsing economy.  Here in Detroit, we are devastated and stunned by the callous disregard for the impact that the collapse of GM, Chrysler, hundreds of automotive suppliers and, possibly Ford will have -- not only here in Michigan -- but throughout the country.

Tom Walsh, a terrific business columnist for the Detroit Free Press, did a good job this morning of capturing the sense of betrayal so many of us connected to the U.S. auto industry feel this morning. 

But, I tend to be an optimist.  I'm also a life-long lover of horses, a grown-up Annie Oakley.  For both reasons, I share this spectacular, inspiring video.  Hope it lifts your mood and reminds you of what's possible.  

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