It's Not Augusta National but Another Venerable Barrier Falls

April 15, 2009

When it comes to golf, St. Andrew's and Augusta National have plenty in common.  Not only are they considered the "elite" golf courses of the world, neither club allows women as members.   Now, St. Andrew's has a dilemma.  The two previous presidents of St. Andrew's University were named honorary members of the venerable club that makes the rules for the world of golf.  But now, Louise Richardson -- the first non-Brit, non-Protestant and, egad!, woman -- has been named president of the University.   The Irish-born, Catholic, Harvard-trained, naturalized U.S. citizen isn't making an issue of the golf question, although it has the town all abuzz.  Dr. Richardson is more interested in, as the New York Times put it recently, "an accelerated evolution, not leading a revolution."  Click here for a fascinating look at Old Barriers Crumbling.  


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