Let's Take Back Mother's Day

May 11, 2009

A few days before Mother's Day, I was privileged to talk with Marianne Williamson, internationally respected spiritual teacher, lecturer and author of numerous books.  She pointed out the irony of Mother's Day changing from a day for women to actively rally for peace to one of having breakfast in bed.

 Mother's Peace Day was created in 1872 by Juliette Ward Howe, who also wrote the lyrics for the Battle Hymn of the Republic. She was a peace activist and human rights advocate who was sickened by the carnage of the Civil War.   

Her heart would be heavy if she could see the violence that continues to paralyze human progress. 

But, I believe she would find hope in this Mother's Day video.  It calls on women to tap into the tremendous power and strength that we have as Mothers protecting our children.  It challengs us to expand that power and embrace our abilities and responsibility to "mother" all of the world's children.  Let's forget about breakfast in bed and spring into action.  Click here for inspiration. 

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