Was Erin Andrews Asking For It?

July 24, 2009

ESPN Sports Reporter Erin Andrews' deserves privacy in her hotel room.  I'm as disgusted as anyone by word of the nude video of Andrews that was shot with a tiny camera through a peephole and then posted on the Internet. So, the answer to my headline is: a resounding NO.

 But I'm also not surprised that this happened to a woman who was named "America's Sexiest Sportscaster" by Playboy Magazine.  Do a Google search of Erin Andrews and take a look at the way she dresses as she prowls sports sidelines, microphone in hand.  You'll get an eyeful of what she and ESPN regularly serve up to salivating sports fans:  stiletto heels, skin tight pants, short skirts and cleavage clinging tops.  

Sorry, but she's operating too close to Janet Jackson "wardrobe malfunction" territory for my taste.  Professional women, particularly those working in very male fields -- such as sports, politics and the highest levels of business -- have to be very careful about how they play the gender card.  Erin is a beautiful young woman holding a handful of sexually charged aces.  She plays them constantly.  She's an entertainer, not a journalist.  She'll make plenty of money doing it.  And she doesn't deserve some creep invading her privacy, no matter how sexy she dresses.

This incident is just a reminder that sex sells and is on men's minds -- what it is about 100 million times a day?  Women often underestimate how little it takes to get a man's imagination going.  There's still a very fine line women must walk who want what they say to be noticed as much as how they look -- especially young, buxom blondes. 

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