The Torch is Being Passed . . . To a New Gender

October 20, 2009

Maria Shriver's uncle, President John F. Kennedy, stirred a nation with his call for the torch of leadership to be passed to a "new generation."  Today, over four decades later, she has become a a forceful voice and catalyst for women to pick up the torch.   Perhaps you've been watching Shriver on THE TODAY SHOW all this week as they focus on how the U.S. -- long a "man's world" -- is becoming a woman's nation.   And, the implications of that seismic cultural change for men, our families and our entire culture.  Perhaps you've seen this week's TIME Magazine, with its cover story and Special Report on The State of American Women.   Shriver's hand was behind that, as well.  The trigger for all the recent national media coverage on this issue is a groundbreaking study:  THE SHRIVER REPORT:  A Woman's Nation Changes Everything.  Just released, the comprehensive study was done by the Center for American Progress. 

It's loaded with fresh facts and fascinating insights.  It is a powerful resource and trigger for the work that lies ahead -- the next chapters of what Shriver calls The Unfinished Revolution.   The battle of the sexes, reportedly, is over.  It's all about the genders negotiating how to work together for stronger families, more effective companies and public institutions and a culture that taps the power and potential of all of its citizens.  My favorite quote came from a man who put it like this, "We haven't thrown some switch to go from a man's world to a woman's world.  It's more like we're finally, for the first time, in a position where it's no longer only a man's world.  Now what does that mean?"

Click here for:  The Shriver Report:  A Woman's Nation Changes Everything. 



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