Amelia: Hillary Swank Brings Another American Shero To Life

October 29, 2009

Can't wait to see the new Amelia movie, in which Hillary Swank plays American aviator Amelia Earhart.   I'm noticing a pattern here in the roles that Academy Award winner Swank is choosing.   She won her academy award for her role as a female boxer in Clint Eastwood's  Million Dollar Baby.  She also stars in one of my all-time favorite movies:  Iron Jawed Angels, in which she brings Alice Paul leaping out of the history books.   Paul  was the college-educated suffragette who finished (and won!) the fight Susan B. Anthony had started over 50 years earlier:  the right for American women to vote.

And now, she brings us another tremendous example of an American shero.    "A Different Kind of Chick Flick" is how Dan Glickman, CEO of the American Motion Pictures Association describes it.  I like that!   I'm taking my 17-year old son to see Amelia.  He really liked Iron-Jawed Angels, by the way.

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