Can a Tiger Change Its Stripes?

December 3, 2009

The Tiger Woods story is too big, too much on everyon's tongue to ignore.  I spent five years covering professional athletes, during my years as a TV sports reporter/anchor for CBS in Detroit.  That's why I wasn't the least big surprised when all the details behind Tiger's perfectly crafted image started coming out.   I hate to see a role model as accomplished and squeaky clean as Tiger Woods fall as hard and fast as he has in the past few days.  But it's his own doing -- not the fault of "tabloid journalism," as he and his image consultants would like us to believe.  A lot has been written since that 911 call to Florida police.  The best commentary I've read is by highly-respected and experienced USA Today sports columnist Christine Brennan.  She's been covering superstar athletes for several decades and knows of what she speaks.   Click here for Brennan's thoughts on Tiger's torment.  

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