Diane Sawyer's Ascent to ABC World News Anchor Significant & Low Key

December 31, 2009

There wasn't a lot of hullabaloo about long-time Good Morning America host Diane Sawyer finally ascending to ABC's prime news anchor slot.  Remember all the fuss and excitement and pre-Katie hype when CBS News made the BIG LEAP a couple of years back when they named Katie Couric the 1st woman to anchor network nightly news?   Couric paid a high price for being "first" to the network anchor desk and rumors of her imminent firing have rumbled around media circles for a few years. 

The good news is that the "second trailblazer" rarely gets the attention or creates the discomfort with change that the "1st trailblazer" -- in ANYTHING -- does.  But make no mistake:  when it comes to cultural change, trailblazers, firsts and pioneers are only exceptions to the rule unless others follow their lead.

Diane Sawyer is no follower.  But her ascent -- low key as it's recent kick-off was -- to "Top Dog" position at ABC News is huge.  Not just for Diane Sawyer, but for our culture's steady progress toward seeing women in leadership positions.  Here's more on the Sawyer story from the New York Times.

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