If You Want to Be A Great Writer Be A Man

January 5, 2010

I took my headline directly from the author of this excellent Salon.com piece on the recent furor over the lack of a single woman author on Publisher Weekly's recent list of the Top 10 Books of the year.  What was the controversy all about?  Not a single woman author made the cut. 

What's wrong with that?  To quote columnist Kate Harding, the problem ". . . is not feminists searching the horizon with high-powered binoculars for any slight, but too many other people's deliberate decision to wear blinders."  

I'm deeply concerned that too many people -- beginning with women -- have been wearing blinders for nearly a decade about women's influence as leaders in our culture, organizations and public policy.  Complacency that all is well is the fastest route to losing ground.  It's time to start connecting the dots about how far women still have to go before we become equal partners with men in shaping the world we're leaving for those who will follow.

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