What's Still Blocking Women's Leadership Path to the White House?

January 23, 2009

What an historic sea change is sweeping across our mental template these days of what a leader looks like.  In the wake of President Barack Obama's historic election to the Oval Office, what about women?  What impact, I'm wondering, will the U.S. presidency of the first African American have on expanding leadership opportunities for others who don't look like the traditional -- white, male -- leader?

In particular:  women.  

The day after the Inauguration I had a fascinating conversation with Marie Wilson, president of The White House Project.  The mission of her national organization is to advance women's leadership in all arenas -- including to the Oval Office.  As our nation opens a new chapter in our history, here are the thoughts of a wise and insightful leader on the missing links that are still keeping America's women achievers from becoming the leaders the world is crying out for.  To hear the interview, click here.    

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