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Anne Doyle at the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving
"I thought I knew what 'performing under pressure' was until Ford sent me to the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving."

From Detroit to California, Melbourne to Mexico City, Anne Doyle has been mentored and tested by CEOs, COOs, union leaders, top national journalists and some of the most powerful dealers in the country. She has also worked with several legendary leaders, including Jac Nasser, Jack Welch, and Coca-Cola’s Roberto Goizueta.

Crisis Management

Doyle is also a veteran of turbulent times and seismic culture change. One of her toughest tests was serving on Ford’s executive crisis team during the Firestone tire/Ford Explorer crisis (1999-2000), which is still studied by MBA students as one of the toughest business challenges of the decade.

She joined the public affairs staff of the world’s second largest automaker in 1987, at the beginning of a decade of record profits and expansion. Over her 13 years in the tough environment of the auto industry, she held numerous leadership positions in global product development, sales and marketing, customer service, and governmental affairs operations.

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"Anne Doyle is cool as a cucumber under fire. She can counsel top executives in the best and worst of times. She can get an organization to focus on what the best communication strategy and tactics should good times and bad."

Jason Vines
Senior Vice President, Compuware 2.0

"It was just a matter of time before Anne Doyle, who is no stranger to hot seats or hot topics, wrote her book. Powering Up! isn't just a roadmap for future women leaders. It's also a must-read for every man who is married to, works with or works for high-achieving women. I couldn't put it down."

Jim O'Connor
Former Group Vice President Marketing and Sales, Ford Motor Company

International Experience

Her international experience includes leading communications teams in the U.S., Europe, Australia, Mexico and Canada. She was responsible for brand communications for Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Jaguar and Aston Martin. She helped develop and execute tactics to rebuild one of the most recognized brand’s in the world – the Ford blue oval – after devastating damage to its public image.

Grassroots Politics

During three years in governmental affairs, she directed development of Ford’s national grassroots political program, collaborating with General Motors and Chrysler on political strategy. Working directly with Ford President Red Poling, she directed the creation of the Big Three Supplier CEO Council (including GE chairman Jack Welch), developed and executed political strategy, and prepared hundreds of senior managers, top dealers and supplier executives for Capital Hill lobbying.

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