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Anne Doyle Comments on Powering Up! New Book on Women's Leadership

March 31, 2011

Earlier this month, business consultant and former NAWBO California president Patty DeDominic, co-founder of the California Women's Festival invited me to be the opening speaker for her fantastic, annual, Santa Barbara gathering of over 1,000 women.  While I was there, she also insisted that I let photographer Deb Halberstadt videotape and producer a short video of me introducing my just-published book,Powering Up!   Deb and Rich Tamayo of TVP Studios did a beautiful job.  Here's my "elevator speech" on how Powering Up! will help you answer the call to leadership. 


Autoline Detroit's John McElroy Seeks "Aha Moment" Stories

March 31, 2011

John McElroy, host of Autoline Detroit, the most-watched TV show for automotive insiders, and one of the most respected journalists covering the indsutry, invited me to his studios recently for a new series he's starting.  He's asking senior women in the industry to share the insights they learned from one of their most important professional "Aha Moments."  Mine is about dealing with workplace enemies.




March 28, 2011

Two years ago, while researching my book on women's leadership, Powering Up!, I interviewed a number of military women.  They were all top-notch leaders, of course.  Little did I know that one of them -- Major General Maggie Woodward -- would soon be making history as the first woman to command a major air war.   She is in charge of U.S. Operations over Libya.   You can hear her thoughts on leadership in my book, which is available through my website.  When I asked her to send me an "action photo" of herself, this highly-skilled pilot and commander sent me this casual photo of her "at work."

In the meantime, here's more on this fantastic and formidable leader. 

Anything Is Possible

March 23, 2011

Writing a book is very lonely work.  As I emerge from the self-imposed hibernation required to write my just released book, Powering Up! How America's Women Achievers Become Leaders, it's time to change gears from introvert to extrovert.

I've been doing lots of interviews with a broad range of reporters.  They all bring their view of the world with them to the conversation and the questions they ask.  The most in-depth interview I have done so far was with Jack Krasula, host of Anything is Possible.  He asked wonderful questions and wasted no time in getting right to the core of who I am and why I am so passionate about pushing the edges of possibility for girls and women.  To listen, with no commerical interruptions, click here. 

Anything is Possible Interview with WJR's Jack Krasula

March 19, 2011

Jack Krasula knows just how to get beneath the surface and zero in on what makes a person tick.  He probed so deep, I even had a John Boehner moment.  Great questions, Jack.   To listen with no commercial breaks,click here. 

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