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Nothing LIke a Scandal to Get Michigan Football Fans Stirred Up

August 31, 2009

We take our football seriously in Michigan and Wolverine fans are fighting mad about a Detroit Free Press investigation of possible NCAA rule violations.   It was the hot topic on the state-wide Michigan Talk Radio Network this morning.  I was invited to join the fray.  Click here to listen. 

How Did Women's Rights Ever Becoming Political Incorrect?

August 24, 2009

It's been way too long since I have posted anything to my blog.  That's because I'm running for political office in my community of Auburn Hills.  I'm one of 14 people running for four seats on the City Council.   I'm amazed, frankly, that in 2009 in Michigan we have only two women among our seven City Council members.  One of the woman, Mayor Pro Tem Mari Harvey Edwards who has served for 12 years, is retiring.   That leaves only one woman on the Council in a community where women are more than 50% of the adult residents and regularly out-vote men.   Need I say it again, "We Need More Women Running for Political Office."

Why?  I'm working at the grassroots level, but that's where change occurs, step by step.  The global global discrimination and degredation of women and girls is one of the horrors of our time.  It's time to start talking again about the truth about what is happening with women and girls -- and why we need more women to step up and help lead, at every level.  

Here's a great piece, by Huffington Post columnist Gordon Brown, on the big picture of the evil that continues to be perpetrated -- daily -- against women and girls throughout the world. 

America the Outlier and The Secrets to Success

August 13, 2009

Nationally syndicated Boston Globe columnist Ellen Goodman write this piece in January but it resonates with me every time I read it.  The seed that started her thinking was Malcolm Gladwell's latest best-selling book, The Outliers.  These are tough days for most of us -- we could all use a little more luck AND opportunity to pair with our sweat equity.   Here's the link. 

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