Power Up Women! The Podcast
Power Up Women! The Podcast

Anne Doyle in the Motor City Woman recording studio

POWER UP WOMEN! is a cross-generational conversation about leadership, power, gender, and justice hosted by Michigan Hall of Fame Journalist Anne Doyle. Now in its third season, POWER UP WOMEN! features thought leaders talking with Anne about current and cutting edge ideas, as well as their own leadership journeys. Subscribe to POWER UP WOMEN! wherever you get your podcasts, or listen here to the newest of over 100 episodes.

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Season Three with Anne Doyle

In Season 3, Anne taps into her many years of broadcast and journalism experience to feature fascinating change-makers, pathfinders, outliers and courageous leaders who inspire her and hopefully you! Listen here for episodes of both POWER UP WOMEN and the GAME CHANGERS podcast of the International Women's Forum, which Anne also hosts.

Toxic Workplace and Bullying Survival

September 20, 2022

More than 60 Million people working in the USA are affected by workplace bullying, according to the Workplace Bullying Institute. Whether it's sexual harassment, racial discrimination or other negative behaviors, a toxic workplace can be devastating to our self-confidence.  I know, because it's happened to me more than once!  Business Coach Zenica Chatman turned her own bullying experience into her business coaching specialty. Her six-week, virtual course, Surviving Corporate, is the first step to reclaiming your MOJO and getting "back in the saddle" after workplace setbacks. Listen here or your favorite podcast platform to learn how to recognize, survive and power back up to your full potential after toxic workplace experiences.

Mental Health Crisis and Solutions

September 6, 2022

Since 1999, the suicide rate in the USA has increased 30%. And that's just the tip of the Mental Health Crisis Iceberg in the USA, which the COVID pandemic made even worse. But help is on the way. The 988 National Suicide Prevention Hotline has just been launched and immediate, virtual access to Behavioral Health Urgent Care specialists is growing.  Heather Rae, president and CEO of Common Ground, which has been providing emergency mental health services for 50 years, joins me to talk about the severity of the crisis and the urgency of making emergency mental health help as important as police and fire support.  

The Secret to Getting Paid What You Are Worth

July 7, 2022

Leadership coach and former corporate HR executive Kelli Thompson spent years negotiating employee salaries and getting an insider's view of the gender pay gap. Now she wants very woman to know the secret to getting paid what she is worth. You'll learn all that and more in her upcoming book, CLOSING THE CONFIDENCE GAP: Boost Your Peace, Your Potential and Your Paycheck.  Kelli shares with Anne what she's learned about the challenges aspiring women face in today's post-COVID workplace and the skills needed to successfully navigate 21st Century career journeys that are STILL rougher for women. 

Previous Episodes

Season Two with Dana Harvey & Anne Doyle

Anne and Dana Harvey in the Motor City Woman recording studio

In Season 2, Dana Harvey, a Detroit-born Marketing and Communications Strategist and Founder of Verve 360 Media, joined Anne to bring her diverse generational and racial experience and perspective to our conversations about leadership, power, gender and social justice. And be sure to listen to the March 22, 2021 episode to meet Dana and learn more about Anne.

Season One with Monica Doyle & Anne Doyle

Anne and Monica Doyle in the Motor City Woman recording studio

In Season 1 of POWER UP WOMEN! with Anne Doyle, Anne and her niece, Monica Doyle, explore women and power – what it looks like, why it's important and what we can all do to claim our power – individually and collectively. Listen to any of these great episodes below.

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