Power Up Women! The Podcast
Power Up Women! The Podcast

Anne Doyle in the Motor City Woman recording studio

POWER UP WOMEN! is a cross-generational conversation about leadership, power, gender, and justice hosted by Michigan Hall of Fame Journalist Anne Doyle. Now in its third season, POWER UP WOMEN! features thought leaders talking with Anne about current and cutting edge ideas, as well as their own leadership journeys. Subscribe to POWER UP WOMEN! wherever you get your podcasts, or listen here to the newest of over 100 episodes.

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Season Three with Anne Doyle

In Season 3, Anne taps into her many years of broadcast and journalism experience to feature fascinating change-makers, pathfinders, outliers and courageous leaders who inspire her and hopefully you! Listen here for episodes of both POWER UP WOMEN and the GAME CHANGERS podcast of the International Women's Forum, which Anne also hosts.

Gen Z Young Women Raise Their Voices

May 3, 2022

The Gen Z generation, which is just coming of age as young adults, is the most educated generation in history, with 57% of 18-21 year olds in college or advanced training.  Gen Z young women and teenage girls are already indicating they may be the most socially conscious and political active generation of females the world has ever seen. Forget all the complaining about what's wrong with Gen Z's and listen to the voices of Oakland University seniors Ashlyn Smith and Tayler Swartz. future change agents just hitting their stride.  I hope you are inspired as I was by their insights on social media, gender bias, their sheroes, their fears and how they plan to change the world!

Trailblazing Race Driver Lyn St James Launches Women in Motorsports NA

April 19, 2022

Motorsports legend Lyn St. James, named one of Sports Illustrated's Top 100 Athletes of the 20th Century, is still blazing new trails. Just months away from her induction into the prestigious Automotive Hall of Fame, Lyn has paired up with race team owner Beth Paretta to launch Women in Motorsports North America. Lyn and I renewed our friendship, which began decades ago through Ford Motor Company, with this fascinating conversation about overcoming fear, her new leadership roles in NA and global motorsports governing bodies and her vision for growing women's involvement in auto racing. 

The Power of Energy Healing with Intuitive Elaine Grohman

April 4, 2022

Energy Healing,once considered "alternative medicine," is steadily growing in credibility as a valuable tool in an integrative approach to mental, physical and emotional health. For over 20 years, Energy healer, intuitive and educator, Elaine Grohman has been helping individuals to tap into the power of the energy that is all around us. Most recently she has been asked to lecture at medical, nursing and hospice schools where today's students are more open than previous generations to new tools for enhancing health. Grohman believes the world will be a safer and healthier place when we reconnect to the ancient knowledge about humanity's essential and intimate connection with the Energy of Living Earth.  

Season Two with Dana Harvey & Anne Doyle

Anne and Dana Harvey in the Motor City Woman recording studio

In Season 2, Dana Harvey, a Detroit-born Marketing and Communications Strategist and Founder of Verve 360 Media, joined Anne to bring her diverse generational and racial experience and perspective to our conversations about leadership, power, gender and social justice. And be sure to listen to the March 22, 2021 episode to meet Dana and learn more about Anne.

Season One with Monica Doyle & Anne Doyle

Anne and Monica Doyle in the Motor City Woman recording studio

In Season 1 of POWER UP WOMEN! with Anne Doyle, Anne and her niece, Monica Doyle, explore women and power – what it looks like, why it's important and what we can all do to claim our power – individually and collectively. Listen to any of these great episodes below.

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